The Corporation Called Shotgun

carpool by tyger_lyllie

Do you remember, o faithful ‘moth reader, when I wrote about corporate personhood and suggested that it implies that if you have your corporation in the car with you, that should qualify you for the carpool lane?

Someone is testing it out. His name is Jonathan Frieman, and he’s been driving around Marin County carpool lanes with his corporation for a while now, purposely trying to get a ticket and push this issue. Are corporations people? Do they need seat belts? This week, a judge ruled no. Now, I hear, Mr. Frieman is appealing that ruling.  Definitely something to follow.

The judge says that allowing corporation people to count in the carpool lane is not the intent of the law. Seems like the same thing could be said about the intent of the right to free speech. I wonder, though, about whether the papers of incorporation count as the corporation. It’s a little like having someone’s birth certificate count as that person. So I ask you all to look deeply inside yourselves and wonder: where does the soul of a corporation lie? Is it merely a physical document? Or is it something more ephemeral? Ask yourselves, does it even exist?

And what is a person without a soul?