Enough, October!

It’s been quite a month. It began with Nate and me getting desperately mad at each other for a week. Then our house got broken into while we were all at work and my computer and flute and a bunch of other stuff got stolen, including Nate’s awesome gold bolo tie that his grandma made him. Then Nate’s back went out. Then Squinchy gave me a black eye because he heard “jump!” when I said “duck under!” and he jumped over the tire I was hoping he’d crawl through and collided with my face. Then our housemate got sick. Then I got sick. Now Nate is sick. Also, our chickens got worms, and they aren’t laying because they are also molting. I’d like to blame it all on Mercury Retrograde, but that ended a while ago, and anyways, that just may not be fair.

In any case, enough, stars! Enough, October! It’s November now, Mercury is direct, I deep-cleaned my house, and the renter’s insurance sounds like they’ll do us right. So here’s to a new month.


Important Insurance Documents Showing Stolen Flute and Locket. By the way, burglar, were you seven? If not, why did you want my locket?