The Bad British Biscuit Project

I’ve been doing a serious cultural investigation into the biscuit aisle of the grocery stores. I want to try as many kinds of bad British biscuits as I can. I think it’s because they a) are kind of wonderful in their badness, and b) they just aren’t as gross as cheap American cookies. They have real food ingredients (well, like white flour, sugar and safflower oil) instead of being solid GMO soy oil, cottonseed oil, corn syrup, sugar beets.

I’ve tried Hobnobs, Jaffa Cakes, Cafe Noirs, and lots of different digestives with and without chocolate. Luckily, the wonderful women I’ve been staying with have been very graciously assisting me eat all the bad biscuits. Also, I’ve been walking a lot, and as the Jaffa Cake wrapper reminds us, snacks are ok as part of a balanced life that includes vegetable eating and exercise. They even put a soccer ball on the box.

As I’ve been walking, I’ve been doing another serious cultural project: constructing the following photo essay about the Country Gates of Devon. I think this is probably The Friendly Moth’s post that is most likely to go viral. Enjoy!














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