The Quotable Nate

Nate has a little tip he’d like to share with all you single guys out there, one of those pieces of wisdom that is so useful it makes itself obsolete.

Go dancing.

Because, as Nate puts it, “People who know about dancing don’t have to be freaks.”

(Guess how Nate met me?)

I would like to add that dancing also works for girls. Also, that it Makes Dating People Funner. Every time Nate and I go dancing we totally remember exactly why we like being with each other.

And if anyone has seen Nate’s bolo tie with the real gold in it that he was wearing when we met, feel free to try out its magic, but then please send it back. He misses it.  And anyone who doubts the awesomeness of this bolo tie should have seen it on a certain Man in Black as he leaned on the wall drinking his whiskey sour.

Or forget it. Just go dancing.


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