I hear today was a penumbral eclipse of the moon. Maybe that explains the following:

1. Why one of my students insisted on writing her page for our field guide to local animals on a velociraptor.

2. Why another one of my students found a spider and seriously wanted to know if it was edible.

3. Why another pair of students chose the wheelbarrow race as their general mode of transportation.

4. Why yet another student had to be told no she couldn’t jump down the stairs for fun.

5. Why Squinch ran off and flushed a coyote larger than himself in a park in the middle of Seattle at two o’clock in the afternoon.

6. Why an evangelical brass band stopped my class on the way home from the park with stories of how they hugged people at Sandy Hook and a climate-change-denying book about religion, leaving me to explain that yes, children died but most children do not die and everyone must die someday and I do not know where the grandmother of the non-edible spider might be.

Or maybe it was just one of those days.


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