Alaskan Retirement Continues

Like any retired people worth their salt, we play games. I have relearned cribbage, which I used to play with my mom, back in my youth. I’ll tell you something — cribbage is why we learn arithmetic. I must say my knowledge of numbers that add up to fifteen was embarrassingly rusty.

We also play hearts. Hearts is an excellent metaphor for life. For most people, the way to win at hearts is to be very quiet and play very safe and not take the lead too much. However, if you do that to a fault, you lose really badly. Also, playing hearts that way is pretty boring, whereas trying to shoot the moon whenever it’s remotely possible is challenging and exciting. It is also unpredictable and doesn’t necessarily help you on the score pad. What I am trying to say, is I’m someone who would prefer to shoot the moon, in life and in hearts, even if I don’t make it very often. I say better play an interesting, challenging game than win a boring one. See how wise retirement makes you? I recommend it to all of you.

And I recommend the book Living High, by June Burn, as an inspiration. She was a free-spirited lady in the early 20th century who did things like homestead in the San Juan Islands and walk across a few states with her toddler in a handcart. She and her husband had the plan that they would retire first and have a career later, and her descriptions of her consequent adventures are adventures themselves.



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