Alaskan Retirement

As some of you may know, I recently retired* to Alaska. I am sharing retirement with my Grammy and Grumpy. I do not yet have my own Retirement Name. So far, retirement in Alaska is pretty relaxing. We eat a lot, and take naps. We are taming some Stellar’s Jays to eat peanuts near us on the railing of the deck. Some day they may eat out of our hands. Beyond the jays is the garden, and beyond that is the beautiful view of the bay and the mountains beyond. I will post pictures some time. Alaskan retirement is very beautiful.

Yesterday we went on a walk in a wildflower meadow. It is not wildflower season, but we could see that the flowers would have been very beautiful. The remains of the flowers were beautiful, too. The stalks of the fireweed flamed every reddish color. If we had been feeling philosophical, we might have made profound remarks about Time and Life. As it was, we went back to the car and ate trail mix. Then we went to Safeway for senior discount day.

After that, we went to Save-U-More where we had special-ordered a case of jalapeno peppers. Back at home, we processed them for the freezer, wearing rubber gloves because we know what happens when you don’t. We have experienced some things in our day. Alaskan retirement, I am discovering, involves a great deal of processing things for the freezer, at least in September. This is because of the garden and the eating and Time and bears and also moose and salmon, which is to say it is because of Alaskan retirement.

We also watch the news, especially the weather. There are cats. Today, we went to water aerobics and ate ice cream and fed cauliflower leaves to the chickens. Eventually, it was time for dinner.



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