My Brother the Secret Rockstar

My brother Aidan rocks. He’s kind, funny, creative, smart, responsible, handsome, and he likes dogs. This isn’t a personal’s ad for him (that would be awkward). It’s just how he is.

(photo credit Anne Mason)

(photo credit Anne Mason)

Most of you probably know this already though, because I really like to brag on this kid. I talk about him a lot. Once at a party in 2004, I smoked a hookah and then proceeded to talk at full speed for ten minutes about my brother to a room full of strangers. Finally, I paused, and noticed the circle of stunned faces. Later, many people remembered me as that girl who couldn’t stop talking about her brother. I don’t know what was in that thing.

Can you see why I had stories to tell about him?

Can you see why I had stories to tell about him?

But enough about me; let me talk about my brother. He’s graduating high school this month, and for his senior project (because Waldorf School is cool like that) he made an album. Because my brother is literally a rockstar. Only, he does it all in his bedroom, with a purple fleece blanket hanging over the bookshelf to dampen the sound. He only sings when no one is in the house. However, then he puts it on the internet, so now all of you can hear. Take a listen. It’s pretty cool. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my brother.


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