A House is a House for Me

Not only is my mom awesome roller derby company, but she knows her children’s lit quotes. (So does Barb — my mom was just quicker on the draw.) “Once you get started in thinking, you think and you think and you think” is a quote from A House is a House for Me by Mary Ann Hoberman.  My mom better recognize it — she only read this book to me nine million times between 1982 and 1985.

I still love this book, and I still read it whenever I can find a kid who will sit down and listen. This is why: in rollicking rhythm with beautiful, detailed drawings, it goes through how everything “is either a house or it lives in a house.” Pickles in their barrels, hands in their gloves, worms in their peaches, duchesses in their castles, bedbugs in the duchesses’ beds: I could think about this all day. All that belonging! That chaos and order! All those cool things in the world! Find a kid and read this book to them, ok?

And mom, what would you like a post about?


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