Period Pic


On the rag. Clearly.


This is a picture of me and Nate skiing. If you look at it, you might notice my totally retro 1970’s skiing knickers, or how many red knitted things I own. You might see Nate’s look of having battled his first hills and stood back up to tell about it. You might just think: happy people, pretty trees. You probably didn’t think, Becca is having her period.

But my mom did.

“Why?” I asked her, when she told me this.

“You had that look.”

“What look?”

“I don’t know, that look. I’m your mother. I know these things.”

And it’s true — I did have my period. My mom is as bad as Santa Claus.  Privacy is an illusion. So help me, god.

Anyways, that’s what I look like when I have my period, in case you didn’t know.


7 thoughts on “Period Pic

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