Oh geez, it’s been a while since I wrote.  Which might not bother you.  To quote my brother out of context, “I don’t care about your life, Becca.  I care about my life.”  (Yet he still reads my blog.  Or he bullshits well.)  In any case, I haven’t written.  But I’ve been busy!  I went to Chicago!  I’ve been writing my novel!  And, I’m learning French.  You know why I’m learning French?  I’m going to Paris in April.  You know why I’m going to Paris? A total whim.  I mean, I want to.  Also, Squinchy clearly has a French soul.

Anyways, I’ve been listening to French language CD’s while I’ve been driving.  (That’s the other thing I’ve been busy doing: driving.  I’m more than making up for that quarter in grad school where I used one tank of gas.)  The CD’s are really fun.  Squinchy, having a French soul, has taken my speaking bad French to myself with great grace.  But here’s the thing: I have always had a grudge against French, because I have no clue how to pronounce it.  Spanish, that I can do — even if I don’t know what the words mean, I can read those Neruda poems from that book with the pink polkadot cover like nobody’s business.  Watch out hearts.  But as to pronouncing written French, I can’t even make an uneducated guess.  Beyond not sounding French, it just sounds dumb.   This is especially frustrating because I can usually catch the drift of the meaning, it being Latinate and all.  I don’t have hissy fits over Russian and Urdu, but French, errgh.

Now, I am finally learning it.  However, because I am learning from CD, which is all aural, I can say all these things, but I have NO IDEA how they’re spelled, except for a few words.  It’s like there are two Frenches, which is actually kind of awesome.  Let me give you an example:  Bonjour! Como tally vou? tray bia! Jai compra a poole Francais.  Esquoo vou voudrie boiee calcashose avec moi? Shay moi u shay vou.  (I swear, half the CD is just date vocab.  My place or your place?  No wonder people like Paris.)  Ou ay al hotel? Esque setti see? Jai veh dijonay mattnow. Jai voudre aussi boiee du le bierre al wheat uuur. Deco? Absulimopa! 



5 thoughts on “Absulimopa!

  1. I understand your French written vs. spoken conundrum. I’ve been a barista on an off for over a decade, and just a few weeks ago realized that the drink I thought was a cafe ole (to my Spanish-speaking ears) was really a cafe au lait (to my non-French-writing eyes). Doh!

  2. Are you bringing Squinchy? If not, I think it is just torture you are doing, subjecting her to the reminder of francais, considering her french soul.
    If you are bringing Squinchy, then you must be staying a long temp.
    Maybe Squinchy is just a pleaser, doesn’t really have a french soul and would rather stay in drippy Snoqualamie. I want you to stay a long temp like the women in the movies who set up house and blend in with the locals. Or maybe that is just what I would want for myself. Maybe I am just like Aidan and only interested in my life, after all.
    I can still love you my darling, very much

    • I am only staying for ten days this time at least, because I wanted to go now and I am teaching the rest of the spring. I like the idea of staying for a long time — but only if I could bring Squinch. This time he is staying home with his brother. Love you too, Auntie Laura

  3. Ahhhhh Paris! C’est ma cite preferee en tout des pays. J’aime bien les baguettes du fromage et les pains aux chocolats.

    OK, I probably butchered that, but I was SO glad to know enough French to get by in Paris because while they all speak beautiful English, they get SO mad if you don’t at least try to speak in their language.

    Notre Dame! Versailles! Saint Sulpice! You’ll have to consult with me when you know your itinerary so I can give you some of the hidden gems.

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