Wisdom from the East

Did you know, on the East Coast, the ocean is to the East and the mountains are to the West?  It trips me up every time.  Also, as far as I can tell, everyone in Asheville, North Carolina shits in a bucket and Delaware is a short road full of tolls.  Intercourse, Pennsylvania is not what it sounds like, nor is it what it is: Amish Country, by which I mean it is more of an Amish Disneyland where you can park next to a tour bus and buy rag rugs made in India and sold to you, presumably, by someone who could make them herself if you didn’t mind paying her something worth her time.  Our nation’s capital is a heavy-souled town, despite the earnest efforts of my seat mate on the plane, who was flying from North Pole, Alaska to lift the death spirit off D.C. through the power of prayer.  One bedroom apartments are small with four people in them, no matter how loverly those four people are, and men, when bored, can teach cats, also bored, to swim.


Then this: the first principle of the Occupy D.C. camp, followed by such profundities as “Don’t show up intoxicated,” and “Volunteer every day” — “Let your anger at injustice be a positive and non-violent force for change.”   Again: Let your anger at injustice be a positive and non-violent force for change.   I just keep thinking about this, both on a social change level, and in my own life.   So there you have it, some wisdom from the east.


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