Lopez Island Is Great

This is just to report, that Squinchy and I had a great time camping out on Lopez.  He’s a happy and adaptable travel companion, and it turns out we both like long walks on the beach.  I like to walk and Think Moody Thoughts.  He likes to run and Eat Gross Things.  Some examples: What am I committed to in my life? Dead seals. Where do I want to settle in? Dried fish skeletons. Where does my hesitancy come from? Rotting deer hooves.  And so on, up and down all the public beaches of Lopez Island.  And then he would chase yellow jackets, leaping after them with a terrific snapping of the jaws, and we would both be so happy.  So if I have neglected you, dear readers (ahem, Jesslyn), it was for a good cause.


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