Hello from Tennessee

Well, cold is to Washington as heat is to the South.  I was in Georgia this weekend visiting my friends Jesslyn and Bryan, and we turned around to find their two year old Odessa standing in the cat’s water dish.  When I went to see my Auntie Laura the next day, we ate two popsicles.  Now I am in Tennessee, at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference.  The schedule goes something like this: shower, eat, shmooze, go to a reading, shmooze, eat and shmooze, workshop, go to a reading, shower, shmooze, eat, shmooze, go to a reading, shower etc.  I think it will change as we get to know each other, but the first day felt something like an endless cocktail party where everyone had the same answer to the question, “so, what do you do?”  A little awkward and tiring.

Ruffled Silk Dress

Then, towards the evening there was an actual cocktail party, or a fancy reception at the vice-provost’s house, and it was really fun. Conclusion? Alcohol can make a difference.  Or maybe I just like wearing a pink ruffly dress.

This may not be something you know about me, but I love dressing up.  I really, really like pretty dresses. I would wear them all the time, if I didn’t also like doing things where I get covered in bike grease, baby pee, glitter, manure, puppy paw prints, tempura paint, tree sap, charcoal, berry juice, and kneeled-on slugs.  But if I am going to be drinking wine on a veranda with a bunch of strangers, I would sure like it best if I get to wear a kick-ass dress.


4 thoughts on “Hello from Tennessee

  1. I was imagining the catalog dress picture with a picture of your face awkwardly (with real scissors) cut and glued over the model’s face.
    This Auntie Laura had a real good time talking to you the other day.

  2. Ooh, dressing up! Me too. I have been a lucky magnet for pretty dresses recently. Also, I’ve spent most of today ogling some awfully styley, terribly expensive shoes (with heels!), cos my birthday’s coming up and I’m not very practical.

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