Counting Slowly Backward from 37, or How the Space Unicorns Invaded my Life

Today is day 18 of camp, out of thirty seven.  Thirty seven is a very large number, if you count slowly enough.  Its size depends largely on the weather.  And we’ve had a lot of rain.  Heidi told me some newscaster guy has been counting minutes of this summer where the temperature in Seattle has been over 80 degrees.  His total: seventy eight.  There was actually a day last week where it was too cold for popsicles.  I gave the kids tea instead and NO ONE COMPLAINED!!!  This week has not been so cold, or maybe it’s just that I’ve been more anal about keeping the kids’ feet dry, and also I discovered that if I layer the upper part of this pair of wool tights that I cut the legs off of under my leggings, along with my wool socks and rain boots, a skirt, and a sweater or two, I stay pretty warm.  Like if I sit on something wet it doesn’t get my bones.  It’s that kind of summer.

That isn’t a complete picture of camp, however.  Camp is also me sneaking around in the woods with my puppy, eating wild huckleberries, and evading enemy scouts.  That’s Capture the Flag.  It is me running around frantically, pretending I have a rock in my pocket.  That is Smuggle the Geg.  It is me watching kids do full layouts on the grass while making karate sounds.  That is Ninja Tag.  It is me saying, “Guys! Eat your lunches!  Then you can go play with the crawdads.  Hey! Sit down and eat your lunch!”  That, in case you are skimming, is lunch.

Also, my campers talk about a lot of things.

Theology: “I could be God.”

Gay Marriage: “Any marriage between two adults should be allowed.”  (go kids!)

Puberty: “You don’t want to watch the fourth grade puberty videos.  They are so gross.”  “What is puberty?  Tell me!”  “It’s uh, when you grow up, in a certain way, and you smell bad and have to start wearing things.”  “Dude, my gym teacher must have puberty.  He stinks.”

Etc.  But mostly, they sing about Space Unicorns:

There.  Though you may have puberty, you now know as much as my campers.  Except I bet you have no idea what the heck a geg is.  (We don’t either.)


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