Some very tired thoughts on the future

Well, I moved out of my little place, and am now at my parents’.  My mom says I should not think of this as moving back to my parents, but rather as having a long vacation here, with my stuff in storage.  Sounds good to me: this is one of those old-fashioned vacations where one imposes on the relatives for a month or so, trunks and hatboxes in hand.  Or: a little extra time as the future is forming.

Speaking of the future, I was just talking to my brother about his thoughts about college.  He told me he was thinking of taking a year off to live on a “hippie reservation.”  “You mean intentional community?” I asked.   “That’s it,” he laughed. He told me he likes the idea of everyone working together and everyone being provided for, all living on an idyllic farm.  “I don’t even like farm work,” he added, “but I think I would like an intentional living facility.”

Anyhow, whatever the places are called, I think it’s a cool plan.  But it’s still two years until Aidan is done with high school, so who knows?  The future is still forming.


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