A Blog and a Dog

I am living alone now, since Seth moved out.  Mostly, I like it — the living alone part.  Break ups are too much to sum up with like/dislike.  But anyhow, I have had two new urges in my new solitude: to get a blog and a dog.  The dog has to wait until I move, but here is the blog.  You can read it if you want to.  Personally, I pretty much only read http://cloudlesssulphur.blogspot.com/, which is my friend Jesslyn’s blog.  My apologies to all you other bloggers, but life is short and Jesslyn’s blog always makes me glad to be living it.  She is both Wise and Funny.  And some.  I am telling you all this because maybe you want to read her blog (seriously, you should, right now,) and also to acknowledge that my dreams of being an Awesome Blogger are 100% Jesslyn inspired.  Also, the name of this blog is a flagrant ripoff of hers, though that isn’t where I got it.  It came to me in a dream, actually.  Or rather, I woke up with the phrase she had the eyes of a friendly moth in my head, and it felt significant.  I can’t actually say what it means, but I like it.  So here it is.


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